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Our 5.35m Excel Inflatable Boat is always at hand to take you to the wind, or indeed to return you to the dock should the wind fail or the conditions be unfavourable !
For this reason you need not worry about sailing away from or back onto the dock.

Runn Sailing provides tried and trusted
Wayfarer class dinghies rigged for cruising.

Designed by Ian Proctor Back in the late 1950's, the Wayfarer has long been a class respected the world over.

The Wayfarer was designed with a multitude of tasks in mind from training to offshore passages to racing. The Wayfarer is possibly one of the best known dinghy classes in the world, renowned for it's stability for the purposes of training and also it's ability to test the mettle of any man in racing form.
It is quite possibly the most successful training dinghy ever. The Wayfarer may be regarded as the Range Rover of dinghies and has quite possibly been responsible for training more UK sailors than any other class of boat. 

Wayfarers have even crossed the North Sea !

We provide every boat with safety equipment such as buoyancy aids suitable for size and weight of crew, a chart of the lake, compass and handheld VHF radios. Each boat is rigorously checked prior to each rental to ensure that it meets Runn Sailing Dot Com's high standards in terms of safety. 

Our own Rigid inflatable boat is always on hand to come and get you if the wind dies and you cannot get back or to assist you in any other way necessary.

The hand bearing compass and chart permit you to experiment with navigation. The system of buoyage on the lake is I.A.L.A. Explanation of the I.A.L.A system can be given for those who would like a little brush up prior to getting afloat. Alternatively stay close to Framby Udde and we shall keep an eye out for you should you look like you're running into trouble. 

Sailing is about fun and our aim is to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us.

If you would like to have an overnight adventure we can supply tents, sleeping bags (with liners), cooking utensils and other essential camping equipment. These are available for a small additional charge. Picnic lunches and the like are also available from Framby Udde or you can simply enjoy their well appointed restaurant facility overlooking the lake. 

In certain conditions sailing on and off our dock is simple for the experienced sailor. Again, we do not expect everyone to be so sure. For that reason our RIB is able to take the Wayfarer in tow alongside and we can set the sails and deliver you and your boat to the wind. Likewise at the end of your sail simply call us on the provided VHF radio and we shall come and bring you back in.
It really can be as simple as that.
You decide how confident you are and how much you wish to do ! 

The Legal Bit :
Please note that we do not provide sailing tuition. It is assumed that those hiring our boats consider themselves sufficiently experienced to handle 16 foot dinghies rigged for cruising in a lake environment. Those new to sailing are advised to stay within view, whilst those more experienced may venture the length and breadth of the lake. You will be expected to sign a disclaimer prior to being let loose on the lake.

Sailing and watersports in general, carry a degree of risk. Responsibility for the safety of the boat and crew rests at all times with the Master of the vessel. You are expected to sail conservatively and with due regard to existing circumstances and conditions. 

A family of four sailing 7136, July 2012.

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