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Coordinates     60° 32′ N 
15° 41′ E
Primary outflows Dalälven
Basin countries Sweden
Surface area 68 km²
Max. depth 32 m
Surface elevation 107 m
Islands >50
Settlement Falun

Lake Runn is a fantastic and very beautiful lake situated in the Dalarna region of Sweden, renowned for it's fresh clean water and fabulous sailing opportunities.

Visitors to Sweden can take advantage of the "Swedish Allmansratt" or "right to roam". This fabulous freedom means that you may land anywhere that is not specifically cultivated and enjoy a meal cooked over an open fire or even a nights camping if you feel so inclined.

Runn Sailing is here to help you achieve a dinghy sailing experience to remember for years to come. An English owner ensures there are no language barriers for you to be concerned with. In any case, almost everyone in Sweden can speak some English !

The sailing season in this part of Sweden gets underway around the end of May and continues into the early part of September. 

The lake has it's own chart and direction of buoyage for those who wish to experiment with navigation. You can however, always see land so you cannot really ever get lost.

Runn Sailings own Inflatable Boat is always on standby to come and get you should the need arise.  

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